Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Amish Wedding

Book Description

Three Amish women yearn for the perfect wedding.

"A Perfect Plan" by Beth Wiseman

Priscilla King has been planning to marry Chester Lapp since she was sixteen years old, and when Chester proposes on Priscilla’s nineteenth birthday, wedding plans begin immediately. What wasn't planned was all the problems the couple encounters as their big day approaches. A house disaster, a ruined wedding dress, and a sick attendant all make the couple wonder if God's sending them signs to call things off.

"The Perfect Match" by Kathleen Fuller

Naomi Fisher has had great success at matchmaking her family members and friends. Now with her sister’s wedding right around the corner, Naomi wonders why she’s able to find husbands for her friends and family, but not one for herself.

"The Perfect Secret" by Kelly Long

Rose Bender has recently become engaged to handsome but somber Luke Raber. She agrees out of a sense of duty and a willingness to settle for solid friendship as a basis for the engagement. But as she watches her friend's excitement over her soon-to-be wedding, Rose wonders if there shouldn’t be more to her relationship with Luke. She begins to examine Luke and his life more closely and is amazed when she stumbles upon an exciting, secret side of him that engages her mind and heart.

My Review:

These three novellas fit together almost seamlessly. The three authors did a great job of making three individual stories flow together and compliment each other. The characters each cross into the next story, and yet there really aren't even subtle differences in them, as sometimes happens in a group writing project.

Each one of the stories had an interesting storyline with enough twists in the plot to keep them interesting, though "The Perfect Secret" was my favorite. I do hope there is a sequel to this one!

"The Perfect Plan" was a little bit predictable since some of the story was already alluded to in the previous stories, but it was still interesting. ***Note: the description of above is from the publisher and is how it appears on the back of the book. However, the stories are actually in the reverse order in the book, making "The Perfect Plan" last.

Overall, I think Amish fiction lovers will enjoy this book.

I must mention that a received a complimentary review copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through their Book Sneeze program.