Friday, November 13, 2009

The Preachers Daughter

By Beverly Lewis

The Preachers Daughter is a charming story of a young Amish woman, Annie Zook, and her long time pen pal, Louisa.

Annie is the daughter of an old order Amish preacher whose heart yearns to be an artist, which is forbidden in their church district. She has kept her art a secret from everyone but her cousin and her English Pen Pal Louisa. But now the time has come for her to join the church and she must choose...her art or the church and the people she loves.

Meanwhile, Louisa is needing a break from the frenzied life of Denver Society. What better time to visit her Plain friend in Paradise, Pennsylvania.

It is evident that many hours of careful research went into this book. Readers gain a deep understanding of the Amish people and their beliefs. The strong emphasis on family and relationships is refreshing.

In this book Beverly Lewis shows, once again, her amazing talent in crafting beautiful words that tell an engaging story of love, mystery, and heartbreak.

Lewis has an amazing ability to help her readers connect with the characters. Her ability to describe a scene in vibrant detail leave you feeling as though you witnessed it yourself.

I strongly recommend this book to all  fiction lovers.

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