Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sense and Sensibility (Insight Edition)

If you love Jane Austen, you will love this edition of Sense and Sensibility.

I admit I was at first a little skeptical of reading an “insight edition” as often I have found, in the past, insights to be annoying and often detract from the story. That is not the case in this edition of Sense and Sensibility. I found most of the insights to be very helpful and often amusing.

This timeless classic is brought to life in even greater detail through the insights included in this version. It includes many fascinating details from Jane Austen’s own life which help explain her perspective on many different situations. Many of the insights have to do with bringing the rich cultural details out to a generation who may not immediately relate to life and places in the early 1800’s.

For those who have loved (or even hated) the many movies and mini-series’ based on this book, you will find frequent comparisons, applause, and criticisms of the film versions.

The faith that is evident, though not always clearly, is brought out and given Scriptures references for throughout the book. I found these very interesting as I had never thought of Sense and Sensibility as a Christian book before.

This is definitely a book all Jane Austen aficionados will love. If you've never read Jane Austen, I strongly recommend you make this the first one you read.

I must mention that I did receive a complimentary review copy of this book, however that in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. i adore anything by jane austen. the quintessential

    thank you for this great review.