Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a Sparrow Falls

By Linda Nichols

This is a story of God’s love, of Providence, redemption, forgiveness, and God’s preserving power.

The first eleven chapters move very slowly. They mostly contain background details and I found it very hard to connect with the characters during this time. I had nearly given up on the book when things really turned around. Chapter twelve begins a most wonderful story that will touch your heart. The characters that seem so dry at the beginning come alive later and draw you in. It ends up being a very richly written book.

The book focuses on two people hiding from their past - Alasdair, a Presbyterian minister and prominent radio pastor who was recently widowed and left with three children, and Bridie – a fugitive from both the law and her past. A chance encounter with Alasdair’s teenage daughter leads Bridie to accept a position as nanny in Alasdair’s house.

This haunting story stayed with me several days after I read it.

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