Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Stubborn Heart

Book Description:
Kate Donovan is burned out on work, worn down by her dating relationships, and in need of an adventure. When Kate's grandmother asks Kate to accompany her to Redbud, Pennsylvania, to restore the grand old house she grew up in, Kate jumps at the chance.

Yet, she discovers a different kind of project upon meeting the man hired to renovate the house. Matt Jarreau is attractive and clearly wounded -- hiding from people, from God, and from his past. Kate can't help but set her stubborn heart on bringing him out of the dark and back into the light... whether he likes it or not.
My Review:
I really expected more from this book. The potential for a nice love story along with they added interest in restoring a historic home is what drew me to this book, but I was disappointed.
Most of what there was to know about the characters was revealed in the first few chapters, which made finishing the book a chore. I found that I really didn't care what happened once all the mystery to the characters was gone. The story moves very slowly and there is little suspense.
I was also disappointed in the lack of detail in regards to the home. It would have been interesting to be able to visualize it, as well as the progress made in restoring it, much better than I was able to.
I also thought that the storyline was very predictable.
The one thing I did like about it was the quirky seniors and their role in the story. Its too bad there wasn't the depth of character in the main characters.
The potential for a good book was there, but in the end it really fell flat.
I must mention that I did receive a complimentary review copy of the book from Bethany House.

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