Saturday, March 23, 2013

Book Review: Firefly Island

Book Description

February 1, 2013
Lisa Wingate Is a Top Name in Inspirational Contemporary Romance

At thirty-four, congressional staffer Mallory Hale is about to embark on an adventure completely off the map. After a whirlwind romance, she is hopelessly in love with two men--fortunately, they're related. Daniel Everson and his little boy, Nick, are a package deal, and Mallory suddenly can't imagine her future without them.

Mallory couldn't be more shocked when Daniel asks her to marry him, move to Texas, and form a family with him and motherless Nick. The idea is both thrilling and terrifying.

Mallory takes a leap of faith and begins a sweet, mishap-filled journey into ranch living, Moses Lake society, and a marriage that at times reminds her of the mail-order-bride stories. But despite the wild adventure of her new life, she discovers secrets and questions beneath her rosy new life. Can she find answers on Firefly Island, a little chunk of property just off the lakeshore, where mysterious lights glisten at night?

My Review:

I loved this trip back to Moses Lake. From the light romance, to the funny yet true-to-life hiccups of the newlywed days this book was the perfect blend of humor and mystery.
I really enjoyed following the story of Mallory, as she goes through this season of life where she is stretched and molded while discovering who she truly is.
I also enjoyed the glimpse back into the lives of the other Moses Lake residents that long time readers of Wingate will know - like Len and Birdie, Doc, and the others.
Overall, this was everything I have come to expect from Wingate.
* I must mention that I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Bethany House.

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